Welcome to the CHS Class of 1958 Web Site (Last Updated 8/5/08)

Notes from Jeff Brenner: At present, the site contains

1) Pictures from the 2008 Reunion (50th)
2) Pictures from the 2003 Reunion (45th)
3) Pictures from the 1958 Annual (The Charlestonian)
4) A "Miscellaneous" Set of Pictures, to be classified later

The captions for many of the images are still incomplete. I made one pass through, trying to identify everyone I could, but I there are quite a few left as "Unknown". My apologies in advance for not recognizing you and/or your spouses. After Ben has a chance to go over the pictures with me, I think we will have almost all identifued.

If you click on a button on the navigation bar at the top, you will be taken to the "Instruction Page" for that section. From there you will be able to view and download any of the images.

Many of the images are already on the "Google Group" site that Benny Varn set up, but we understand that some of you have had trouble accessing and or downloading from that site. Hence, I have tried to set up a more easily accessible site here. For example, you only need the URL for access, no need to join anything, and the "thumbnail" images are larger. However, the automatic forwarding of messages that the Google Group provided does not work here.

We should all thank Benny for his initiative and work is setting up the Google Group, and I want to make sure to mention that the problems with the access to that site are Google's fault, not Benny's.

This is a preliminary version of the site, and I will be adding names and other images, as well as adding most of the other items from the "Google Group" site.

After August 18, when I get back from a short vacation, I will be scanning several year's worth of "Bantam" issues, and adding them to the site as well. Thanks to Vasiliki Moskos for providing the main collection, and to George and Mandy Geils for providing some "backup" copies as well.

If you would like to upload other information (biographies, old photos that might be of general interest, etc., you will have to send it to me at jfbrenner@verizon.net. I will be glad to add it to whatever category seems appropriate, as time permits. File space is probably not a problem since I have lots of unused disk space on my server(s).

Bobby Shaack has already sent me some pictures of our class as shown in the annual from our "subfreshman" year, which is a great idea. The digitizations had some problems, but I am working with Bobby to correct them, and I hope to put them up soon.

Finally, please give me any suggestions you have regarding the structure of the site as well as its content.