To improve the productivity of educators, lawyers, and other professionals, by providing document conferencing via the Internet that makes on-line discussion and annotation of documents virtually as efficient as in a face-to-face meeting.

In keeping with this mission:
Space Time Links provides software and services (FarSightNet) that permit remotely located conferees to speak to each other via the Internet while one or more documents are shown on all screens. Any annotations to a document, by any conferee, are immediately superimposed on that document on all conference screens. This "synchronous" collaboration is supplemented by the ability to save visually and voice annotated documents for later review. Tablet PC's are fully supported, and provide easy written annotation on any document.

In the field of education, FarSightNet provides three classes of functionality in one software interface:
In-class presentation, with live annotation, and with retrieval of
       annotated presentations at a later time.
Remote presentation and "Virtual Office Hours" for web-based, hybrid,
       and conventional courses.
Interactive Learning via "clusters" of Tablet PC's

FarSightNet is designed to supply the interactive component mostly missing from current "Web-based" instruction (often termed "Distance Learning"). In conventional courses as well, FarSightNet provides remote interactive access among students and teachers for conducting "Virtual Office Hours" and scheduled problem-solving sessions that can be conducted without the need for physical transport to a common location. With the addition of a "cluster" of tablet-enabled computers, classes may be taught with extensive hands-on participation by the students - an "Interactive Learning" environment

Low up-front cost, effective operation over low-bandwidth lines, pre-transmission of documents, as well as multiple-page whiteboards and flexible graph paper overlays, make our system ideal for supporting all aspects of education and training, particularly in times of tight education budgets.

For providers of professional services, such as lawyers and architects, FarSightNet offers the ability to discuss documents (e.g. contracts and blueprints) with a client or another lawyer/architect, without the necessity of a face-to-face meeting. In addition, an applet version of FarSightNet, running within a browser, allows another party to participate in an on-line meeting without installing our software. Voice is provided over the network or by telephone, and changes in the documents can be indicated and approved with the extensive FarSightNet annotation capability.

Business and professional activities often require teams of individuals to collaborate on projects, or portions of projects. FarSightNet allows team members to discuss ideas, sketches, and working drawings, in real time, even if one or more of the members is at a customer site, or otherwise "on the road". If needed, The FarSightNet Server provides a partitioned repository for documents in a password or "access-list" protected environment.