FarSightNet is a Client/Server system. To create a conference, or connect to a conference that already exists, each user must install the FarSigntNet Client software on his/her computer, and obtain a user account on one of our servers.

This page provides access to the FarSightNet client software, the user manual (four sections), and a contact for obtaining an account. The manual sections are available both in Microsoft Word format and in Adobe Acrobat format. The "Release" version of the client software should be selected unless you are participating in a testing program.

We suggest that you download the "Tutorials" section of the manual first and familiarize yourself with the basic operation of FarSightNet. Then install the client software, which can be used in a stand-alone "practice" mode without connecting to a server. Finally, contact STL for an account and schedule a "live" demo with an STL trainer.