FarSightNet is the first of a family of software products consisting of servers and clients that offer the user symmetric, multi-point conferencing with high-resolution document display and built-in voice communication.

The FarSightNet server is a "thin" design that stores documents, manages document exchanges, and provides for a secure environment for FarSightNet users. The FarSightNet client software resides on the user's PC or appliance, and implements virtually all of the communication and document manipulation capabilities of the system.

The FarSightNet client can be loaded in either a full application or applet form. It is written in Java ™ and is compatible with any device or browser providing a Java runtime environment (preferably version 1.5 or higher).

FarSightNet provides multi-point, interactive digital conferencing with a virtually unlimited range of documents from simple text, to complex blueprints, to color images, to web pages and other composite documents.