For those lawyerly activities involving the review, mark-up and negotiation of legal documents, FarSightNet is a tool that saves travel expenses and un-billable time, while permitting remote conferencing sessions virtually as effective as face-to-face meetings. With FarSightNet, lawyers can speak to other lawyers or clients at remote locations while each party simultaneously views the same document on his/her computer screen. Written annotations made by any lawyer/client appear immediately on the screens of all other conferees.

Scrolling, paging, and other manipulations of the documents, as well as written annotations by any party, are immediately seen by all other parties on their screens. Annotated versions of the original document can be saved for later review, and the identification of subsequent versions of documents is incorporated in the functionality of FaSightNet.

An applet version of the software is available that allows for a lawyer to review a document with a client or another party without the need to have the second party’s computer loaded with the FarSightNet software itself.

It is estimated that the travel and other economic savings realized with the use of this system will be a significant factor in the expense structure of many law firms. The convenience of the system alone could cause the adoption FarSightNet.